2nd mixed workshop: Communication

  1. Opening circle: Throw a clap (5 min)

Participants stand in a circle and pass around a clap by clapping at the very same time than their neighbour. In the next round, the direction can be changed by clapping twice.

2. Eye contact place change (5 min)

Participants stand in a circle. Each person has to make eye contact with somebody else in the circle and change places silently. But only one pair can move at the same time, if more than one pair starts changing places, they have to go back.

3. Communication (25 min) – large sheets of paper, colour markers

Participants work in mixed groups of adults and children. Their task is to think through who communicates with whom in the school (e.g. students, parents, teachers, school staff, etc.).

The groups should collect and write down rules of communication. The group spokesperson present their findings.

4. Balls (10 min) – music, balls (100 pieces)

Participants form two groups. The facilitator draws a line marking the territories of each group. The balls are placed in the middle. The groups’ task is to throw the balls over to the other group’s territory while they can hear the music. If the music stops, they have to freeze. Whoever moves or laughs is out. In the end, they count the balls on each of the territories, and the group that has less wins.

5. Role play ­(25 min)– situation cards

Participants work in mixed groups of adults and children. Each participant must choose a different role that their actual one, e.g. if they are children, they can be a teacher or a parent.

The groups decide on one of the situations below and act it out:

  • Two children get into a fight in front of the school.
  • The child is reprimande, the parents visits the teacher to talk it over.
  • Two parents argue at the school family day.

6. I am proud of you! (15 min)

Participants work in mixed groups of adults and children. They tell the others about an occasion when they were very proud of their child/parent/teacher/student and how they expressed their pride. The groups’ spokespersons sum up what has been said.

7. Closing circle ­ (5 min)

Each participant shows a movement to express how they felt during the workshop.