18th workshop: Opinions

1. Opening circle (10 min)

Big circle: How do you feel now, what happened to you during the last week? 

2. What is autumn like? (10 min) 

Participants collect verbs that characterizes autumn (e.g. (leaves) fall, rain, be cold) and act them out.

3. Honest dolls (25 min) – chestnuts, match sticks, colour paper, glue, plasticine

Participants collect topics that they don’t like talking about (e.g. failures, conflicts, sad events).

Participants work in small groups. They collect questions that are connected to these topics that can be asked in a delicate, non-offensive way. E.g. I hear you lost at the football match yesterday. Would you like to tell me what happened?

All participants create a doll from the materials that are provided and name them, e g. Honest Olaf or Honest Olga. 

Participants sit in a big circle holding their dolls and ask somebody else in the circle some of the questions. The person who was asked gives the answer by taking up the persona of the doll they are holding, so they can make fun of the situation or they can choose to take it seriously, giving their opinions, sharing their feelings. The facilitator initiates a conversation about why it is easier to give our opinion while hiding behind a mask. It helps if we want to practise giving our opinion, but we have to be aware of the mask and realize that we are not showing our true identity. What can we do if we do not have a doll to speak instead of us?

4. Mimicry (10 min) – tables/pictures for each group

The facilitator explains that animals often use mimicry to be safe. Participants work in small groups, putting the pictures in their right place in the table. In the end the facilitator initiates a conversation about these animals and mimicry. Have they ever seen an animal use mimicry?

5. Closing circle (5 min)

What are you taking away from this workshop? What was the best/ most difficult? 


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18th workshop: Opinions 15
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