19th workshop: International trade

1. Opening circle (10 min)

Big circle: How do you feel now, what happened to you during the last week? 

2. Obstacles (10 min) 

The facilitator creates an obstacle race course with chairs and tables in the classroom. 

A volunteer participant becomes the engine, the others are train cars who stand behind the engine, placing their hands on the shoulders of the one standing in front of them. All the train cars close theor eyes, only the engine can see. The engine has to drive the train through the class room. Others can take the part of the engine in the next rounds.

3. What is in your bag?  (10 min) 

Participants work in small groups. They try to determine where the objects in their bags are from and how far they had to travel. They collect ways of transport, and list all the jobs in international trade. They share their ideas in the big circle and discuss which ways of transport causes the most environmental damages and why.

4. Blank map (10 min) – printed blank maps

All the groups choose some of the objects they discussed that they know the origin of (e.g. it is written on the object). They try to find the countries of origin on the blank map. If it is too difficult, they can use their tablets and smart phones to help. They plan the trade route, list the ways and vehicles of transport and think about all the people/jobs whose work is to get that object them.

5. Home meal (10 min)

The groups try to think of a meal they could prepare that has only ingredients originating from a 100 km radius. If it seems too easy, they should consider whether the salt, sugar or spices they would use are produced in their home country. They can use their tablets or smart phones to check on these.

6. Closing circle (5 min)

What are you taking away from this workshop? What was the best/ most difficult?