26th workshop: Definitions

1. Opening circle (10 min)

Big circle: How do you feel now, what happened to you during the last week? 

2. Misnaming (10 min) 

Participants walk around the classroom pointing at three objects and saying names that the objects are NOT. E. g. they point at the table and name it as ‘lollipop’. The funnier the name the better!

In the next round they try to find wrong names that sound similar. E g. table – paper.

In the next round they make up gibberish words that sound similar. E.g. table – tapple.

3. This is not a teaball (10 min)

Participantss sit in a circle. They pass around a teaball, saying: This is not a teaball, but…e.g. a Christmas tree decoration. Each participant has to say something different, using their imagination. After the first round the facilitator can open the teaball, show up the two parts and invite participants to name other things (e.g. earrings, earphones, etc.) 5-6 rounds can be managed.

4.  What could this be? (25 min 

Participants work in groups.  

Each group writes down the short definition of a simple object. Each group present their definition, that others try to find mistakes, e. g. if the definition of ‘table’ is ‘furniture with four legs’, they can mention that it could be a chair. If it is ‘furniture we eat at’, they could mention is could be a countertop.

In the next round the groups put the name of the object on a piece of paper, each group gets the object of another group. They write their own definition of the object, they again present it and definitions are discussed.

The the next round the groups write the definition of an animal. The others try to guess which anmal it is.

In the last round participants list concepts that they feel would be difficult to define, e.g. love. The facilitator makes notes on the blackboard. Participants decide on one and make the definition together.

5. Closing circle (5 min)

What are you taking away from this workshop? What was the best/ most difficult?