22nd workshop: Physics

1. Opening circle (10 min)

Big circle: How do you feel now, what happened to you during the last week? 

2. Electric shock (10 min) 

Participants think about situations in which one can get an electric shock and act them out one by one. (E.g. standing under a tree in a storm, touching a plug with wet hands, dropping the hairdrier in water, plugging in a faulty electric equipment, etc.)

The facilitator initiates a discussion about what we should do in case of an electric shock.

3. Toy making (20 min) – tablets, smartphones, tools listed

Participants work in groups. Each group gets a link and the necessary tools. They watch the short video on tablets or smart phones and make the toys. The groups present their toys to the others.

Simple paper science

Raise the dead

Marble toy

Magnet powered vehicle

4. Building (15 min) – a packet of spaghetti, marshmallow, roll of tapes

Participants work in groups. Each group gets 20 pieces of spaghetti, a marshmallow and a roll of tape. They have to make a building from these with the marsmallow on top. The group who builds the highest wins. In the end the facilitator initiates a discussion on how they co-operated.

5. Closing circle (5 min)

What are you taking away from this workshop? What was the best/ most difficult?