20th workshop: Pets

1. Opening circle (10 min)

Big circle: How do you feel now, what happened to you during the last week? 

2. Mute animals (5 min) 

Participants stand in a big circle, everybody acts out their favourite animals without making sounds. The others try to guess what animal it is.

3.  Things to know about animals (15 min) – pictures 

Particiapants work in pairs. Each pair chooses a picture (see Annex). They collect all the information they can about the animal, how one should care for it, what it eats, when it should be taken to a vet. They can use the tablets and smartphones to collect information. Each pair presents their findings.

4. Do you like animals? (10 min)

The pairs exchange the pictures and the information they collected with another pair’s material.

They work with the new animal and collect pros and cons about having it. Each pair presents their findings.

5. Upcycled animals (15 min) – used newspaper, plastic bottles, glue, scissors, etc.

Participants work in small groups. They use the materials to create a fantasy animal. They give their animal a name, make up its habits and what it eats. The groups present their animals.

6. Closing circle (5 min)

What are you taking away from this workshop? What was the best/ most difficult?